For schools

As the first private museum of historical cars and motorcycles, we decided to offer educational and other institutions, professionaly educational excursions to the history of motor sport and technology of historical cars and motorcycles.

Excursion is professionally guided, highly interactive and ending with control knowledge prize question  (for example a set of postcards with veteran theme, etc ).

We prepared two options:

Excursion No.1 (for primary schools and technically unskilled schools)

• contains a presentation of the history of Czechoslovak general motorism as the first Czechoslovak automobile and so on ,than the situation before the first World War , 20th – 30th. years of twentieth century , the most important cars of the First Republic and description of the 40th- 50th years of the twentieth century

• basic description of the engine with illustrative examples, how it works, the description of the structure of the car by the longitudinal section of the car and other basic informations
• Duration : about 1 hour
• Minimum number of people : 15 ( max. 35)
• Price per person: CZK 90 incl. VAT

Excursion No.2 (specified for technically advanced visitors, groups, professional middle and high schools)
• excursion includes interpretation No.1, but more professionally oriented. Additionally, it includes detailed technical descriptions of each type of engine (boxer , SV , OHV, OHC) , gearboxes, motor cooling, lubrication and other things associated with the technical functioning of the car (brakes, design, tires, suspension, …). Everything is described with real technical exhibits
•Duration about 1 hour 40 minutes
• Minimum number of people: 20 (max. 30)
• Price per person: CZK 99 incl. VAT

Excursions must be ordered at least one week in advance by email: with the number of people and type of excursions and visits to the desired time . Within two days, you will receive a confirmation e -mail