Dear fans of historical technology,
for the 2013 season, we prepared another unique exhibition! If you visit the Veteran Arena, you can see more than 600 historical radios, gramophones and radio-gramophones!

Radios and gramophones of American, European and Czechoslovak origin are loaned from private collections and they all together are exhibited for the first time in the Czech Republic. Among the rare exhibits belongs one of the first models of radios Atwater Kent 10C from 1924 with funneled speaker and technical rarities such as the U.S. farm radios, unique box-radiogramophones, Czech radio Talisman, etc.

Among furthter exhibits belong some of the earliest versions of American gramophones with handle, electrical gramophones and also famous Edison’s phonograph.

Visitors have the opportunity to compare the production and the design between European and Americanproducers.

From czech production are there for example apparatusses of the concern Tesla (TEchnika SLAboproudá). It was once one of the biggest European producers of  communication engineering.

Exhibition of historical radios is available until 30 November 2014 (except the technical break)

We invite you to visit us!