Let’s arouse an interest in technology in our schoolchildren! It is possible to show the principle of car propulsion, but also engines, gearboxes and other components functioning in a simple way in cars that are not burdened with the complicated over-mechanization of today’s cars. Afterwards, a trip to the Czechoslovak automobile industry will show that, as one of the great European automotive powers, we have certainly a lot we can follow up.

There is a choice from two professionally commented interactive excursions that end with a control knowledge-based question, the answer to which is rewarded with a nice price (e.g. postcard set with a veteran theme, etc.).

Excursions must be ordered at least one week in advance via e-mail: info@veteranarena.cz with the number of persons, type of excursion and requested time of visit. You will obtain confirmation of the e-mail within two days.


Popular educational programme intended for basic and non-technical schools. During the presentation we take into account the pupils’ age and knowledge.

  • It contains a presentation about the general history of e Czechoslovak motoring such as the first Czechoslovak car, the situation before the First World War, the 20s – 30s, the most significant automobile factories of the First Republic and a brief description of the period from the 40s to the 50s.
  • A basic description of the functioning of the engine with visual examples, construction description using the car cross section and other basic subjects create a part of the presentation.
  • Length of excursion: ca 1 hour
  • Minimum number of persons: 15 (max. 35)
  • Price per person: CZK 95 incl. VAT


Programme intended for technically advanced visitors, groups, secondary technical schools and universities.

  • It contains the presentation of the group excursion but more technically oriented. Furthermore, it includes detailed technical descriptions of individual engine types (boxer, SV, OHV, OHC), gearboxes, engine cooling, greasing and other matters related to the technical functioning of cars (brakes, design, tyres, suspension…). Everything is described on real technical exhibits.
  • Length of excursion: ca 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Minimum number of persons: 20 (max. 30)
  • Price per person: CZK 95 incl. VAT